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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
Did you replace the fluid in the fan clutch? There is a thread on mud about the Mod. I did not change the temp setting screws, but replaced the fluid with 8,000 CST I bought at a Remote Control model shop. Noticed a big difference. I would use 10,000 CST next time.

Do you have dual batteries, lights or something else in front of the grill to restrict airflow?

You can add an aux fan, I did because I have a packed engine bay with dual batts and an SC

Edit - I see you took off your PIAAs. I use to have to take mine off when towing over the mtn passes before I got my aux fan
I didnt mess with the fan clutch, i've read about the fluid but figured i wouldn't need it with all this new stuff. Guess ill have to look into it, i can feel it kick in so i know its locking up, it would help if it locked up earlier i suppose. Truck is totally stock, i really didnt see any difference when i took the PIAA's off.

Originally Posted by Romer View Post
also, is your overflow bottle filled to the line with rad fluid?
Yep its a little less than full (line).
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