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Default bleeding and LPSV

My brake saga continues.... My brakes are still spongy, and require a pump or two to get them up to a comfortable level of firmness for normal driving. Two calipers have been replaced, 3 new soft lines between the frame and axles, and 1 new hard line on the passenger front. I went to bleed them for a 3rd time last night.

RR - a bit of air at first, but then a solid stream of fluid
LR - no air to speak of.
LSPV - With my wife pumping the pedal, we had streams and streams of air coming out the bleeder. It just kept coming and it seemed like the more times she pumped the pedal, the more air we could find. After pumping down the MC to about 1/3 capacity twice, I moved on.
RF - no air
LF - no air

back to the LSPV, but still the the lines seem to have an endless supply of air. I did one last pump and bleed at each corner, and again at the LSPV. Brakes are still waaaayy spongy.

Anyone have an idea of what could be going on? Seems like the 4 corners are fine, but the LSPV has an air source of some kind. Suggestions?
- Matt
1976 FJ40 - green and mostly stock
1996 FZJ80 - not so stock

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