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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
226F is AC cutoff so that is when I would really start to worry

x2 on replacing the oil in the fan clutch (although I have not done that yet myself) vs. just filling it up. Lots of opinions on MUD re: this. Tools R Us seems to have done some pretty extensive testing and has come to the conclusion that the new blue hub fans aren't as good as the old ones with the stock fluid and therefore really need 10K+ CST fluid depending on where you live. IIRC they are running 20K CST + down in AZ.

Your in town temps are pretty close to mine although with the hot weather I've been hitting 200-202. A month + ago I hit 220F heading up I70 in the hot afternoon temps. I've also installed an aux fan but Robbie suggested that straightening the fins on the AC condenser (or is the radiator?) would have helped just as much. If yours are boogered it might be worth the time to buy a radiator comb and straighten them.
Where do you get fluid for the clutch? Does Toyota sell it? I'll look at the condenser and see, i have power washed it a few times to make sure there wasn't any debris in there.
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