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Thanks for the response. The "2/3 of the reservoir twice" comment was just for last night's bleed session and the LSPV valve. I've been through 3 of the tall jugs (32 oz's) over the course of the entire bleed saga.

A few other comments - I'm not losing any fluid, so I don't think there are any leaks. I just can't figure out where all the air in the LSPV line is coming from. I did run the MC dry when I broke a hard line a few weeks back, so unfortunately air was probably introduced through the top. But I thought I got all this air pushed out in the first and second rounds of bleeding.

I've read a few different threads on bleed techniques for Yotas with the LSPV, and it seems that consensus is that this valve should be last one you bleed (after each of the 4 corners). So that's what I have been trying.

Any other tips/tricks?
- Matt
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