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Originally Posted by PabloCruise View Post
I do not see any need to do a shackle reversal. Jim Chenoweth is not a fan of these either, as he has seen the front driveshaft pogo-stick into the t-case and effectively destroy the t-case in a shackle-reversal rig.
I never said reversed shackles were mandatory, but I recommend them based on my personal experience. They greatly improve the ride quality, improve front axle traction and reduce wheel hop.

I suppose if you hit a rock dead on with your diff at 20 mph it could break something. But at least in my case, with the proper length drive shaft with long travel splines I've never had an issue and it's been wheeled hard on pretty rough trails.

On MUD this is one of those Ford vs Chevy type discussions, lots of people with opinions on both sides of the arguement. I'm simply giving my opinion.
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