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Default 02 Tacoma Warm Start Idle/Dies

Posting this up for a friend who has a 02 tacoma with the 3RZ-FE. He's got an issue where when the truck is stopped and then restarted with the engine warm, it will stall out and die unless the gas pedal is feathered. If he can give it the right amount of gas, and get it going for 30 seconds, then it runs just fine. When its cold started everything works normal. Only about 95k on the clock.

I did bit of poking around on mud but didn't find much. Anyone have any ideas or point me in the direction of "the" tacoma forum/tech resource on the web?

Is tacomaterritory the place to start? Or are there any simple things to check that is indicative on that model/engine? I did a quick search and found a few hits on a TPS failure or a Idle speed control valve failure. I believe it is a California truck so not sure if there are any other emissions bits on there that may muck about with things. ( I am a bit out of my element with tacomas vs. cruisers)

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