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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Dave, in all fairness you have a problem you've never been able to solve. My 22RE has the performance head, cam, etc and idles like butter and runs like a top. However I do agree they are still not hot rods on the street.
My problem I'm starting think might be the AFM, which is the only part that has not been replaced, rebuilt or resoldered. It's frustrating and I grew tired of spending good time and money after bad trying to figure it out, so I just drive it, piss poor idle, weird partial throttle knock/rattle, lack of power and all. I'll put that adjustable timing gear in when I do the timing parts next spring (at 50K miles), but I've tried it on two teeth now, the one I thought and the one opposite the timing dot and it didn't make a difference. I wonder if a lobe is wrong. Being that it was delivered with no cam card or paperwork whatsoever, I've never really trusted it anyway. I've also been missing a couple of sockets for a long time, maybe those are bouncing around the crankcase. Dunno. I kept my old short block and head, so whichever gives up first gets replaced with the old parts.
My suggestion was more along the lines of basic maintenance like getting the valves, valve seats, valve guides checked/rebuilt and a new timing chain.
100% agree, valve seats, guides, seals and new timing parts pretty much anytime you open the cover.
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