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Default ARB issue?

A while back my rear ARB, originally installed in the third oh, around 1997 or so, would spit some gear oil out the solenoid when released. Seems to have settled down some lately.

Then, the other day I was driving down the road and heard a kinda 'bang' sound in the driveline, had to be rear, but I felt nothing at all. Nothing revealed in visual inspection.

A J**p friend (yes, I have those) immediately suspected the ARB. Said the early ones would start engaging themselves from time to time - with grenading not far behind. Darn, that could get real inconvenient.

TR Burris at ARB never heard of such a thing. David Fritzche on had a cross pin grenade in his, on the 'Con. Ate his ring & pinion.

I know ARB changed the piston design, and if I weren't lazy I would have installed the new one that ARB sent me, and maybe that would take care of the gear oil spit AND the autolocking 'feature'. Or would it? Anybody ever hear of or experience such a thing? Wouldn't the springs be suspect in such a case?

Could get REAL inconvenient in November, in hunt season, at -20F, in the snow, at 10K feet.
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