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Originally Posted by FJBRADY View Post
Opinon's needed:

Thinking I need a hand held with external antenna for the Tundra so I have communication to and from the trail. What would you suggest?
Steve...I'd probably put this in its own thread or a handheld thread vs. here

That said...Is the radio in the 40 crossband capable? If so, you could go inexpensive on the handheld and use the radio in the 40 to "reach" out. The handheld in the Tundra would be ok but travelling to Moab for instance, you'll be very limited (for a HAM) on who you can hit. You'll hear people a lot that you can't talk with. I ran the VX-7R with an external antenna in the LX for a year + and it was great for trail use...Not so good for driving to/from trails as the reach was limited. Given the size of the tundra and spots I'm sure you could hide the radio, I'd be inclined to get a mobile rig and install it vs a HT in there. Cost wise will probably be about the same, maybe even less depending on which HT vs. which mobile radio you might decide on.
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