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Default Red Cone & Webster Pass 9-4-10

The month of August has been a super busy time for me at work. I've been working very late nights and all day on the weekends. I was starting to go crazy looking at a computer all day. At the last Rising Sun meeting Dan and I agreed that we were both in need of run up the mountains.

We looked at a few different options and decided to go up Red Cone, down the north side towards Montezuma for lunch, and then back up and finally down Webster Pass to head home. Traffic on the way up was minimal. We encountered a 3rd gen 4Runner that had a flat and no tools to take off the lug nuts. Dan loaned them the equipment and they were eventually on their way.

There was a little bit more traffic on the way down Webster pass and eventually the road got too tight and Dan and I found ourselves nose to nose with a Range Rover and couple of dirt bikes. Dan and I had to reverse back up Webster and then reverse up the hill at a wider spot to let the dirt bikes and the Range Rover through. I tried to get a couple of pictures but they don't do the angles justice... When the Range Rover went by the driver looked up at us and said "That is very impressive!!" as he saw two 80s back up webster and then do a 90 degree turn and go up the side of the hill.

All in all, it was an awesome day with perfect weather and great views. Thanks to Dan for leading me up there and spotting me in some very tight spots. Jo, Jaeden, Laura, myself and all the dogs had a really great time. The following pics are just a few of the over 200 we took.
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