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Nice shots Nick. What a perfect day for wheeling. We had great fun, got to help somebody on the trail, got into a tight spot on Webster, and got home safely, tired but happy.

Some of my pics:

At our air down spot.

The kid passed out on the way up.

Nick, Laura and Bear coming up around a tight corner in the woods.

View near the top of Red Cone.

Looking east from the ascent.

The little on top of Red Cone checking if she had cell service to call her boyfriend.

Dropping into the once notorious now not so scary descent.

Nick drops in.

The guy in the 4Runner was parked in the middle of the trail with a flat tire and no lug wrench. Loaned him mine.

There was a lot of water by our lunch spot just off Montezuma Road.

Obligatory shots of our other kids.

The one on the left is Nick's girlfriend's dog, Bear. He's pretty scary.

2 well camouflaged birds just left of center. I am guessing grouse. They ran but never flew. They were up the Hall Valley road.

Note that Webster was passable in our 80s. Barely. Also note that Nick and I (and the ladies) ALL concurred that we probably wouldn't be running that trail again in the foreseeable future. Its just too sketchy in a full size vehicle with the continual degradation from erosion. There are now several spots that are just as scary as the washout near the top.
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