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After running Iron Chest, everyone was ready for Grizzly Lake. The trail heads of the two trails are about 1/10 of a mile apart, so there was not much delay in getting on our second trail of the day.

Here are a few things about Grizzly Lake:
  • The big obstacle is a true gatekeeper. It's right at the beginning of the trail, and it's a doozie. Both Brady and I had to pull cable to get up.
  • Once you're past the obstacle, the rest of the trail isn't hard, but it's insanely rocky and bumpy. It's slow going even with coil springs. I can't imagine doing this trail in my 40.
  • Beautiful scenery and the lake is gorgeous.

Kim takes the far left line up the obstacle and spanks it.

FJBrady goes up the middle...

Winch assist to get off the belly pan. Solid supporting evidence for bigger tires?

Randy drove Meanie up the obstacle with ease. Dee had a huge smile on her face the whole time.

I tried several lines with no success on any of them. Eventually, I was high centered over towards the right side.

Sliders and skid plates: worth every $.

At one point, I actually broke off part of the rock in my attempt to climb this sucker. Shortly after this, I winched up. My whale of an 80 required two 40s as anchors to drag my heavy butt up the obstacle. It was a wretched sound as the 80 scraped along the rock.

Here's Grizzly Lake, the end of the trail.

Looking back from the lake.

Scenery on the way back down.

Grizzly Lake is a great trail, but that first obstacle is a nightmare. This is not an appropriate run for most of the vehicles in our club currently, IMO.

We had a great day. After getting the Blue Mule patched up, our family headed south and went to Amica's in Salida for some pizza and microbrews. Thanks for a great day, Randy and Dee (and Nick and Kim)!
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