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Default HAM HT vs mobile test

So I did a little testing wanting to be able to call home (Springs) from out in the Divide area. I found the Pikes Peak repeater (2m) and through testing we found my son could reach it on his new to him Yaesu VX 5 set up. From the back porch he could hit the repeater but not from the front porch, this is with the rubber duck and 5 watts. I head out and arrange a call in time the next evening. I call on 5 watts ( Yaesu FT7900, Larsen antenna, through roof mount), he comes back calling for me saying lots of static and can barely tell it is me. I go to 10 watts, better but still noisy. I go to 20 watts and it is very clear to him. Pikes Peak is the only repeater he could hit that would have a chance a reaching me north of Divide. I was 14.3 miles (horizontal) from Pikes Peak and he was 10.4 miles. I could not see Pikes Peak from where I was and we can't see it from our house either. This is a bit of confirmation regarding remote locations and HT. Doubtful I could have could have gotten a message out with a HT w/o a better antenna (beam) at a minimum. Just posting fyi as I went through the HT vs mobile debate for my needs. Below is a profile of the transmission paths. You can see at home he is more challenged by terrain.
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