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Default Life of engine coolant?

I did a coolant (Toyota red) drain and fill on the 80 yesterday since its been three years since the last one. I know we tend to overdue the preventive maintenance on our trucks due to our intense interest in them, but how long should coolant last?

My wife's '04 SAAB is due for an oil change and I thought I might as well do the coolant since its likely original juice. I went to look up the type of coolant and capacity so I would know what to buy. It's like 7.8 quarts of Dexcool. It also says the coolant is good for the life of the car. Now either they don't expect the car to last very long or Dexcool has some fancy buffers in it the can keep the acidity down for a long time.

What do you think, Change it or leave it?
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