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I went ahead and put new juice in. I was at the parts store getting some oil and picked up a jug of orange dexcool. It's quite easy to change the fluid on a SAAB 9-5. The rad drain is a quarter turn deal that opens up a drain hole that is pointed straight done. And, get this, its made to easily shove a hose on so that the coolant doesn't splatter all over the place - unlike the more familiar Land Cruiser. On both my 80 and my old 60, draining the rad meant several catch buckets and several old towels to mop up the mess on the garage floor. Toyota engineering is good but there are some features that I wish showed up on Cruisers. Additionally, the SAABs use a pressurized overflow bottle so there is no cap on the radiator. Its on the plastic bottle instead. This makes draining and filling the system simple - just poor until the liquid level is up to the full mark. Any bubbles in the system are easily expelled to the bottle.

I have a coolant tester that showed the old mix was ok for freeze and boil over protection but I was wondering how acidic the stuff becomes after being in the car for 6 years.

Speaking of acidic liquids - did anyone else here catch the Radiolab show on national public radio today? The episode is titled "Oops" and has some amazing stories of oops, one involving a lake of acidic mine water that is just too wierd to be true.
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