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Default Poor Man's Roof Rack + Gas cans

So staring up a thread on my project to be able to carry gas cans outside the cruiser without spending the money on a super nice rear bumper. Hopefully will be doing a trip to the maze this fall, and wanted to have a bit of extra gas with me but not have to store it inside the cab.

First I ordered a harbor freight rear reciever hitch rack that I'll be attempting to modify to put in my yakima roof bars, along side my space case. Its rated to "500 harbor freight pounds" which means 250 pounds, and ~125 offroad pounds.

Then I ordered 2 (hopefully) scepter MFC's. A super siphon from amazon should round out the setup.

Overall outside dimensions of the rack are 49" L x 22-1/2" W x 8" H, which means 2 MFC's at ~ 6.6” W x 13.9” L x 18.3” H should fit laying on its side, taking up about half the length of the rack, and being about flush on top. Weight would be at ~45pounds for a full can, so 90 pounds there, plus some chairs or a shovel, and I should be right at 125 pounds.

Build pics to start when I get the rack on Friday, and the cans hopefully early next week.

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