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Default Got the rack on.

First modification to the rack was a short-side middle additional support. Had some extra aluminum bar laying around so just cut and drilled a few holes.

After that it was drill 8 more holes for the yakima hardware. I had to use longer bolts, but no big deal. I also decided to use standard bolts on the two outside(visible) attachments in hopes that may deter anyone from stealing my cheap roof rack

I opted not to trim down the 2" box section underneath, as it seems to add quite a bit of strength; hopefully it won't add too much extra wind noise, but I drive slow anyway. I may also be able to use that space for storage of....something. Can't really think of anything off the top of my head that would be useful and fit in there, but maybe the super siphon to keep any gas stuff outside.

Overall it seems pretty solid. I wouldn't go 500 pounds (yak rak wont even take that) but I think 2 full gas cans and some chairs will work just fine, and keep the gas out of the cab.

Total cost so far, ~85 dollars for the rack, 90 for the 2 mfc's that have yet to arrive.

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