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Thanks everyone for chiming I am even more confused about which way to go. Ricardo, is regearing a DIY'able project? I have done jeeps before and the shimming about drove me crazy! Regearing was my original thought. A buddy of mine bought gear sets from Jim for hie 4runner and he said it was basically 'plug and play'. I don't know about the 40 though.
Farnham, I'm not sure if this was a serious solution or not! Everytime I have gone to bigger tires before, it kills the low end and that's the last thing I need and the main reason I have stayed with 31.5 tires on the 40.
Martin, the H42 is an interesting option too and one I think I could do myself (?). I am just not sure where I might find one and if it will bolt up to the F engine.
As far as the overdrive, Spectre has one but only for a 4spd. I have been looking around and it seems as though, even if I could find one, this might be pricier than I thought.
I do want to do as much on this myself as I can and need to keep on budget. Besides, doing the work myself is why I bought this to begin with!
Thanks again for the replies!
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