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Originally Posted by TonkaToy View Post
Thanks everyone for chiming I am even more confused about which way to go. Ricardo, is regearing a DIY'able project?
The key is to get 3rd members that have the gear ratio you are switching to - all of the detail work is done. I don't recall the years, but the FJ40 came with 3.70 gears out of the factory for a time. Many want to switch to lower gears, so they pull their 3.70 and replace them with 4.88.

It would be a long day's work for me, well certainly something I could get done in a weekend. Others might be able to knock the swap in 4-6 hours. The rear end is very straight forward. The front is a bit more involved as you have to take everything off to get the axles out - but it is a great opportunity to pack the wheel bearings.

I picked up a set of 3.70 thirds that I was going to swap in, but have since put the project on the back burner and have the thirds up for sale.
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