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Originally Posted by FJBRADY View Post
Let me know how that works, because I just wrestled with my POS gun and I just threw it in the trash.
I picked up 2 of these:

Neiko 12-volt Grease Gun

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One is loaded with moly grease and the other with wheel bearing grease. My thoughts after using them:

Pros: 2 batteries, carrying case, easy to use load, cordless, long enough flex hose to reach the zirks with the gun sitting on the ground, and NO leg presses or funky positioning of the gun needed to hold the fitting to the zirk while squeezing the grease in

Cons: heavy, sort of bulky/big and the trigger is (at least for me) to easy to accidentally hit when moving the gun around. It is at the perfect spot for how you want to grab the gun when moving it around and more than once I left a trail of grease behind

I've used them one time. The one I loaded with moly started pumping grease right away. The one I loaded with wheel bearing grease was a little harder to get pumping, I'm guessing due to the thicker consistency of the grease. But, once I got it going it didn't stop pumping grease after just a few pumps unlike my others.

I figured out a few things...First, apparently grease guns ARE smarter than me. I guess I never really knew the "right" way to load a grease gun - i.e. from the top vs bottom where the spring and load handle is. My manual grease guns' loading bar/handle/deal don't really stay pulled out like the ones on these new guns do which makes loading the tubes much easier . The new guns have air vents to help purge air pockets but the trick with thicker oils still seems to be pushing the grease up to fill up the space.

These new guns put out 6500 psi. I saw some for sale that are more powerful (and a lot more money), some less powerful. I couldn't find anywhere what a manual gun's rating is so I'm not sure if 6500 is good, mediocre, or whatever. But, it seems to have no problems pushing the wheel bearing grease into the u-joints. I never heard of this tool manufacturer before so hopefully they last. I won't be using them a ton, just to lube the driveline of the 80 and LX every so often so we'll see.

Not sure I can recommend others buy this particular model yet as I don't know how long it will last but so far I'm happy with them...I was a little bummed with the effort required to get the wheel bearing grease going but super happy that once it started, it didn't stop 1/2 way.
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