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Originally Posted by coax View Post
Out of curiosity, are you using 100 series pads or the stock ones? After running my 80 pads without shims for just a handful of miles I could see where the paint had been worn down to bare metal on the pads.

Is the noise only when you use the brakes, but not always when using the brakes? Seems too coincidental that the abs is going off and you are gettting the noise. But maybe a squeaky ujoint?
Stock 80 series pads with shims...Not the typical brake squeal at all. The noise, when present, is all the time and doesn't change must when applying the brakes or pulling the e-brake, but does change frequency with speed. Truly sounds like when the wear indicators are touching, but they aren't...

Originally Posted by treerootCO View Post
I'll second the U-joint.

When my U-joints were letting go it made a sound like I was dragging a steel fence under the truck. Almost scary loud and I looked under there a few times to just to see what was hung up. The noise was nothing like a sound you would think a u-joint should make.
Hmmmm...Would a bad u-joint noise come, and then go? This does. Like right now it isn't making the noise. Made it Friday in Silverthorne (first time I actually heard it but started maybe 2 weeks ago and then went away, came back, went away again...) and then again that night and the next morning in Steamboat. Later that afternoon in Winter Park on the way home no noise and no noise right now

Originally Posted by TIMZTOY View Post
are your rotors glazed ? (looks like a mirror ?) if so she problly just got them to hot with a panic stop..

id bet money that they dont squeel when the rotors are cold..

if it were a u-joint it would do it all the time.. not only when braking
Rotors don't look glazed to me...Shiny, but not mirror shiny. Pretty much look like they did when I put them on way back when.

How much you willing to bet? - It got down to the low 30s Saturday morning in Steamboat and the brakes made the noise all the way from the hotel to the soccer park that morning, and again 2+ hours later on the way out of the parking lot.

I pulled the front ABS sensors today and wiped them clean. A little bit of metal shavings on the magnets but nothing abnormal IMO. Checked the front pads etc. again today. Nothing really "remarkable" other than the DS inner pad (see picture). You can see where something got in the pad and had gouged it a bit in a couple spots. Maybe I'm just unlucky and yet another small piece of debris made its way between the pad and the rotor and then finally worked its way out after a couple hundred miles? I'm pretty easy on brakes in general, letting the gearing slow the rig down coming down hills etc. so....I didn't get to the rears but the pads probably have 75%+ left on them?

I got to wondering maybe the parking brake is heating up or something and sticking? I have no desire to muck with it as Toyota's system seems like a total PITA to me

Funny thing is I drove the 80 to Steamboat partly because I think a u-joint in the front drive shaft on the LX is going and I didn't want to drive it that far and at those speeds. The bonus about driving the 80 though, I averaged 16+ mpg up and back - No way the LX would get that mpg.

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