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Default ARB Questions - Air Leak

Hi Guys and Gals,

So the good news is my rear diff gears look really nice. Looks like the setup was good.

Bad news is a left rear axle seal replacement turned into an axle replacement and discovery of a rear air locker leaking air. When I actiated it to pull off the lug nuts on the side that was in the air I noticed a puff of air out of the middle section where the spyders are and a slight air gurgling. After the locker engaged there was no air leak.

Is this common? it seems to be leaking only when the piston moves to lock it. also leaking from the inner portion of it... not the air ring that inputs the air.

Also.... the Poly pros I guess were the bad batch. the left rear was so worn at the bearing I had to use a sledge hammer to get it out. The bearing is trashed. Right side looks OK.

Tomorrow I call poly pro. we'll see what they do seeing as these are axles I bought from somebody else second hand. New, but second hand.

So, should I pull the diff and tear it apart too?
Marco Capote
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