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The first 40 we saw about 10 minutes away from the airport, and followed up to the volcano. Little did I know there would be many, many more...

Most of the 40's looked something like this. Nothing much to look at, but still running strong (the strap was just because the ignition or battery was out).

This was our ride for the week. I found a place that advertised the modern version of the BJ74 (3 door) as a rental, but when I arrived the guy said they stopped renting those a few years back. So we settled for the diesel Prado. I got her stuck on the beach about mid-week, so Becky said that was my wheelin' for the trip and we couldn't sign up for one of those "jungle adventures in a Cruiser".....

Nice white 80:

We hired this guy for a private surfing lesson. He was a Kiwi with an American wife and two young kids that had moved to CR 2 years ago. The 80 was his "client truck", and his other ride is a 78 BJ40. Not too bad....

And the engine for that 80. What's wrong with this picture?

- Matt
1976 FJ40 - green and mostly stock
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