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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Wow, really cool. Do you think this would be a good vacation spot with kids?

Is that a carburetor on the 80?
Indeed. Carbureted 1FZ circa 1995.

I think it would be great for kids. The only risk is the food - if your kids' diet consists of hot dogs and mac n cheese, it could be tough to please him/her. But we saw plenty of other kids (understanding this was the off-season), always felt safe, and most medium-sized towns had groceries and a decent pharmacy. We saw lots of poisonous snakes on the hikes we did, so that would be another consideration (a wandering kid could be a liability). But the opportunity to expose your kids to a different culture, different living situations, and people with a different style of living is invaluable.

We stayed out of the big cities though, so I can't say what those would be like.
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