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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
The current gen Tacoma uses one of two stick shifts, the R155 and the RA60.

The R155 is a 5-speed that continues the lineage of the R150 and R151, so I assume that existing bellhousings that adapt engine-to-tranny would work with it. But AFAIK this is only used on the 2TR-FE (4 cylinder) Tacoma. The first gen Taco used the W59 on the 3RZ, so Toyota is jumping back and forth it seems between the W and R series transmissions on the 4 cylinder. The earlier gens used the W56 with the exception of the R151F on the turbo 22R-TE. The V6 Hilux used the R150F.

The 6-speed is the RA60, which I know nothing much about. It obviously has the same bellhousing pattern as the A750 since they both bolt to the 1GR-FE. Not sure what else in the world might use this tranny, but surely it must be bolted to something else.

I think what most people are trying is the V160 or V161 6-speed from the Supra, since this has been around longer than the RA60 and RA61. That means there might be a bellhousing out there, either aftermarket or Toyota, that gets the right pattern. But that might be to mate it to something like a 1/2/3UZ-FE, which probably does not help get to a 2F. However if you want to put a 6-speed in a 100 series Cruiser, that's your ticket. The Supra V8 used the 2UZ I think.

Small correction. The Supra never had a V8 stock, always the straight 6. There are guys swapping them in which is what you'll find the adapters for.

The 1UZ came in the Lexus LS400 and SC400.
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