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Had a good day off today giving the Tundra a little love...

Last week I washed and waxed it; it's been over a year since I last waxed the whole thing and it needed it to hide some of the pinstripes I made this summer...

...Maybe next spring I'll take it in to have it gone over by some professionals

Anyway, today I vacuumed the interior, pulled everything out, including the floor mats, and used some Tuff Stuff carpet cleaner I got at O'Reilley's (Autozone carries it too), and let it all dry. It now smells clean on the interior, we'll see how long that lasts, but alas it's still not the smell I was searching for originally, and none of the cleaners that I took a look at quite had it, so the search is still on...

Put some Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Conditioner on the seats, need to keep working them to keep them soft and keep the cracking from getting worse.

Next I jacked the rear wheels off the ground, pulled the wheels off, and painted the drums because I saw they were a bit rusty and on this particular day it was bothering me. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I took the wheels out to the hose and used some Meguiar's Hot Wheels All Wheel wheel cleaner. Had a couple stiff bristled brushes on me, and got A LOT of the road grime off of them, inside and out. I am very very pleased with this product, give it two enthusiastic thumbs up It really shined up the wheels nice, and on alloy wheels you can get those brown spots, you know? All gone now. Awesome. Even though I'm not 100% crazy about the OEM wheel design for my Tundra, I like trying to care of it, not only to make it look better but to hopefully help it last longer. See the attached pic, on the spoke that's directly under the valve stem, the surface that's on top in the picture had a bunch of brown spots on it.

Anyway, next was the front wheels, where I also had to do a little touch-up painting on the frame and a-arm, so once that was done that felt good as well.

It took a while, but I finally got all that junk cleaned up and realized I had some time so I tried to tackle a final project for the day. Something in my suspension squeaks something fierce and I've been trying to nail it down. I thought it was the sway bar bushings, and I sprayed some silicone spray on them a while back and that seemed to help, but now the squeak is back. So I got under there again, thinking it was the sway bar bushings, and got them off and greased them again. But when I let the truck off the jackstands I found out that the squeak is still there. After a little more investigation I now think it is the a-arm bushings. I'm thinking I'll just leave that for a shop to take care of.

Now my truck is about ready for winter; I still have a piece of foam trying to blow out the heater vent on the driver's side, so I need to dig into that and glue it back where it needs to be. And then I need to do some stuff on the Corolla before it starts getting cold too...I'm finding it never ends with cars. I've spent two days in the last week just detailing the truck, and there is a list of mods and upgrades that I would like to address some day. Oh well a little bit at a time...and all the while I'm learning how to do some of this stuff I'm not really used to doing.

All in all a pleasing and relaxing day, though. Felt productive.
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