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Default Digital broadcast TV?

When we moved to our house in 1998, we were disappointed to find that over-the-air reception here was so bad that we were forced to get either cable or satellite TV. I tried rabbit ears and I also bought a powered antenna from Radio Shack. Nothing improved the signal enough to get a decent picture.

However, I'm getting fed up with paying my DIRECTV bill. We're also starting to get 50% of our content over the Internet via streaming (mostly from NetFlix, but I'm planning to try Hulu Plus when they invite me to the beta test).

So I'm wondering: with the transition to digital broadcast TV, might my signal be improved?

Question 1: Is having a weak signal less of an issue with digital broadcast TV?

Question 2: Can my HOA prohibit me from installing a TV antenna on my roof? I never went full boat and bought a big antenna. This thing is only $99:

Question 3: If my HOA can ban me from installing an antenna on my roof, does putting a TV antenna in my attic impede its effectiveness significantly?
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