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Greg Luer
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Well Bill, I tell ya. As long as we are admitting our expertise in this fine art we dump alot of money into let me tell my finer moments. No not the one last fall that now has the runner in wrinkles. You all know about that one.

In Moab I have done two rather difficult obstacles with, how do you say, dumb stuff. I did Hell's Gate on Hell's revenge with 3 of 4 tires aired down to 8 lbs. The right front was at street pressure. Not the place for inconsistent traction. But I did it fine nevertheless.

And two, I did Rose Garden Hill on the Onion Creek run with one front hub unlocked. Had a hard time on the ledges towards the top. Gee. Go figure. Discovered this when we got back out to the road by Dewey Bridge.

Both places could have done alot of damage. So one big Duuhh for the brainy ones. Just goes to show you what happens when your in a hurry.

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