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Default SNR Pre Run Somewhere in Colorado.....

First I want to let Nakman that i got home safe. All was good in the woods. So with that message out I will be the first to say i blew up about half maybe a quarter the way down the trail. In my (if there is any) i have been working the last few weeks putting a electric fan and new radiator on it and thought it was tight and was in working order. Sorry gang. Thanks for the fuses and the help today guys. Guess this was to scary for the Heep it POPPED a hose. Good thing i put stainless hoses on it. After the fix it kept blowing fuses. I think the box got wet cause on the way home it was fine. Like any trail ride it is a work in progress. Been wrenching all summer trying to get this thing tight and figured out. Have a few winter projects now like 2 clamps on the hoses. So with that said..... let me have it.... : lmao: Nakman got PICS of the smoke spewing from Woodstock. I will let him post up when he gets home. Thanks again gang.
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