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Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
It was a coolant hose that blew, right? The radiator cap should limit the pressure for the whole cooling system to a safe level. You shouldn't need stainless braid covered hoses unless something is developing some unusually high pressure (head gasket leak?)
Yes it was the top or inlet hose. The cap I dont think is one of the better caps that let the pressure out. It came with the radiator so need to invest in a better one. The hoses are not covers they are all stainless hoses. I had to go this route since it is after market application. The bottom hose was way to close to the belts and needed it to bend down more away from it. The ends of the hoses have rubber connections and that is what and where it let loose. My assumption is one of the clamps was not tight enough and coolant dripped on the electric fan control box and blew the fuse. This in turn stopped the fan from cooling the motor and it went. I was about to stop when i seen the guage hit 250 just not fast enough. was hoping the coold dense air would help not knowing the fan was not working. I have used water tight and heat shrunk all the wire connecitons but the box is not. now to goop it up so it dont happen again. It has been a fight all summer to keep this 5.0 cool. I think i have the motor figured out now the trans.
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