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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
Old TV antennas were designed to receive UHF and VHF analog signals. Digital TV goes out on the UHF spectrum, so newer antennas are now optimized for this.
No, no, no!

Sorry. :-)

Digital TV does use more UHF spectrum than we used to, but a lot of TV still resides in high band VHF. So in that sense you might need a better UHF antenna (e.g. wider bandwidth potentially), but several stations are still in the 174-215MHz region just like before. For example channel 9 up here in Denver (KUSA) was on the old analog 9 at 181MHz but is now at digital 9 at 187 MHz. OTOH, some of the very high end UHF analog stations lost their spectrum, so a number of channels 52 and higher actually went down in frequency and are now easier to receive with existing UHF antennas that were optimized for analog channels 14 to 50. For example the old channel 59 in Denver went to RF 43, which means it's much closer to channel 31 and so comes in stronger than before with my marginal UHF loop that I tuned for FOX31 (I love The Simpsons!).

Now down in the Springs it is true that (I think) all of your major networks are now on UHF. So for you having no VHF only means you might lose PBS or something.
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