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The one I ordered from Channelmaster is for UHF and VHF high. Hopefully they won't be moving any channels into VHF low.

Speaking of Channelmaster.... The first antenna arrives and the box is split open. It appears that the hot melt glue didn't stick very well. I open the rest of the box and all of the parts are there, nothing fell out of the open box. So I go to unfold the array and a piece falls off in my hand. A plastic insulator that is part of the connection terminal is cracked. So I call up Channelmaster and inform them of the damage. The send me another antenna.... the second box a arrives split open and the plastic terminal is broken in the same place. I don't think the crack is due to the box failure but more likely an assembly rivet is crushed down too far cracking the plastic. I talked to them again but they haven't decided what to do yet. This is get annoying. I'll see what they can do to make me a happy customer. Gluing the plastic back together should fix it but I shouldn't have to do this. Its a good thing the old antenna is still functional.
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