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Default SNR 2010 Trip Report Thread

Well it may be bad form for me to start this thread off, but I wanted to say a couple things tonight real quick.

Nakman, great route, great run, great plan

Nice to meet some new folks, always fun to see all the great trucks too.

But the point is, I just wanted to say a humble thanks again to everyone for helping get me out of that little jam.

Rising Sun has a lot of really knowledgeable, and helpful people that are willing to jump in, that was readily apparent this, just thanks.

And I'll say this too, cause i know that the kid in his new-to-him truck would want to if he knew where to do so ... Impressive work with the recovery for that poor group of kids. Coulda been a real long and dangerous night for those guys without Rising Sun coming along side of them to help out.

Perry and others probably, have a lot of pics, so for those that weren't there, the pictures will tell the story better than any long winded post I could put together.

Hope everyone makes it home safe from the kingston peak side tour as well.


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