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Success!! Mike thanks for starting the thread, and in many ways that was the best Spooky Night Run yet... man it had it all- I used just about every piece of recovery gear getting myself and a few others through, my shoulders are sore from shoveling. I'm amazed at how significant the conditions changed from just last Sunday to today.

My highlight was rolling up on that mini truck that was down waaaaaaay off the road, thinking maybe there's someone in there, and there was! Those kids must have been hot dogging it or something and were slid so far down it wasn't even funny, had we not come across them they'd still be there.

You thought that tiptoe through the trees was spooky The Kingston descent was downright scary, as soon as we made the right turn it was almost a sheet of ice the whole way down.. I've been on that Mammoth Gulch a bunch of times and that's the slowest I've ever gone.. but worth it as we all made it down safely. Though yes I do believe Treeroot was able to get one more recovery in before all was said and done.

Looking forward to the pictures and talking about the run for a while, thank you everyone who came out and brought food and pitched in on the trail, I think we've got a few new guys hooked on wheeling with the club.

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