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Originally Posted by dan1554 View Post
Glad to have met everyone and couldn't have hoped for a better inaugural run for me and the mini. Lets just say I'm very glad to have the whole thing bedlined after going through those trees! Not that you can tell anyway, because for some reason I was the only one who came out coated top to bottom in mud.

I'm also glad to have seen the masters at work performing recovery and winchery. I was also able to try my hand at some light recovery with Daniel in the snow bank. The slick section was pretty gut-wrenching, and it was definitely more of a (un)controlled slide with a little gas thrown in to keep things straight. Still have some adrenaline pumping from that!

Anywho, was great to meet everyone. BTW, I came home with an unclaimed lamp that was left at the campsite, so I wanted to see if it belongs to anyone here.

Also, your trash is nestled safely in a City of Denver dumpster.


Daniel, thanks for carrying the trash out.. I meant to snag a bag from you when we took off but I forgot..
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