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Originally Posted by dan1554 View Post
I was also able to try my hand at some light recovery with Daniel in the snow bank. The slick section was pretty gut-wrenching, and it was definitely more of a (un)controlled slide with a little gas thrown in to keep things straight. Still have some adrenaline pumping from that!

Anywho, was great to meet everyone. BTW, I came home with an unclaimed lamp that was left at the campsite, so I wanted to see if it belongs to anyone here.

Also, your trash is nestled safely in a City of Denver dumpster.

Trash-Dan, T-Dan, Danny, oh wait - I got it "Mini Dan".

Great to meet you and have another Daniel in the crowd. Also many thanks for carrying the trash and I also apologize for not grabbing a bag at the end. Such is the fate of the guy with a cargo bed. Just ask Perry. On the Outlaws Runs he gets the gas, trash *and* Fermenting Bucket.

Thanks also for being the lost and found for that unclaimed lantern.

Chris - I think it was Greatland brand. One of those tabletop lantern types. I picked it up off the table when there was nothing but that and Chips Ahoy leftover.
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