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Default Mobile HF: Mounting HF antenna on the 4x4lab Jerrycan carrier

It looks to me that mounting the HF antenna on the Jerrycan carrier can provide substantial mounting point.

Either welding a tab or with attaching a tab with U bolts to the top ring.
That would start the base of the antenna about half way. The coil can be then mounted behind the truck with only the whip sticking above the roof line.

Obviously the connection will have to be cleared from powder coating for good grounding. Do they make conductive paint I can use to protect from rust?

There are two issues I can see:
1. Trees - branches chopping off the setup
2. Off-Road extreme vibration

For me the screwdriver multi freq antenna type are out.

So I am looking at HF radio with automatic antenna tuner inside the vehicle, a permanent mount and coil, and manually attaching different whips depending on the bandwidth.

For start may only do 10M or 20M. and see how it goes.

Looking for any comment, suggestions, DOs and DONTs. regarding Mobile HF.

Specifically doing HF in Moab type environment (open desert type expedition) would also be very helpful.

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