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Dave and Bruce,
Are you recommending to forget about the antenna tuner such as the LDG 200Pro?
I understand of all the infinite possibilities. But I like to start with something concrete, learn about it and then if I want to venture into other territories I will.

Currently my interest is focused on mobile communications with all its limitations and constrains. I am OK with picking up a band such as 20M and just work it up until I am ready to learn new stuff.

What Marco mentioned up a thread, being in remote location and communicating to event base such as BFE is appealing to me.

Looks like I am dreaming about the Kenwood TS-480HX (200W) with the LDG 200Pro and a 20M setup. A local guy has the TS-480SAT and he helped another guy setup in base station the TS-480HX with the LDG200Pro. I have not met him yet, but he sounds logical over the 2M repeater.

I am ok with stopping to operate if this is what required, but I would like to be it like a cell phone. Once stopped, operate not configurate.
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