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Great run. I had a great time wheeling with everyone and being on a run with my kids. They had a good time also which was rewarding.

We had about 11 rigs and everyone was well built and prepared. It was just Mike Brown. Ige and myself on little 33's. With Dave Nay behind me I didn't touch my recovery gear all day.

Tom was really going for it on the Yoder Rock obstacle. He was having fun and trying a big line I hadn't seen before. He pushed several components of his front end to the breaking point. He still managed to complete the run with us in 2wd and had fun with that also.

We made pretty good time through the double slab and sheps revenge. The decent was pretty tricky and tippy and I assume Tom had problems controlling his rig and flipped. We were down the trail and didn't get to see what happened. He was able to right himself pretty quickly. But, his front end showed some other issues and he had to do a trail fix a slowly limp back.

My 7 year old said several times "Tom is having a rough day". She was very interested to see which side he rolled on on how he would get out of his rig.

Steve drove the Gecko like a champ after he got used to it. Marco flexed out hard over everything real well and ScaldedDog spanked the hard line on whale rock with ease. Cheesman was in "kick back" mode watching all the action and enjoying a well deserved day out wheelin' in the sunshine (no hard line on whale rock for him this time). Nay found some side challenges. Dan skipped the optional obstacles, got through everything cleanly and ate lunch in style (thanks for the bonus lunch). Carlos and the FJCruiser also did real well and were having fun.

The believe Steve had to drive the Gecko back so they could trailer Tom's rig. I assume they got back ok.
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