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OK so I had some rough spots on the trail, still had fun but came home a little bummed out.
I would like to thank everyone for all their help and patience while I was trying to blow up my truck and then sort of fix it.

First person I need to thank is Mark, he had my truck upright in about 10 minutes. If we would not have called on the radio nobody would have known

Second are Steve and Michelle, Steve had to drive the Gecko back to Randy's house instead of using the trailer, not a fun drive and I know first hand.

Third Person is Ige, she towed me out just in case. We did not want to put to much pressure on the front end and thought this could help. We made it down OK.

Last was my wife who just looked at it and said " well that is why you build it and build the cage" Not bad having a wive who understands

So now some of my pictures

My new axles I will be getting next week. I went online last night just to see what was new and found these for sale...................lucky me

Here is the desciption of the parts.

Diamond Front Axle Housing- 69" WMS, big fill, knuckle gussets, and custom shafts-

Diamond rear axle housing- 68.25" WMS, big fill, full float, and custom shafts-

Both are 30 spline

Brakes are slotted and drilled.

Guess I am going full size
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Thanks T aka Tom KR0MPS

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keys = Man that is a whole story

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Looking for a Troopy or 40, 45 BJ 4-5

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