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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
Steering was all messed up and continued to turn right on top of the rock to the left of the picture. It is a sharp right with a tilt to the left and yes the Habenero was tired or was that me
You know, I took a hard cut into that turn and found myself with steering that was held hard to the right and would not even come back to center - all the weight on the front. I had to use the hand throttle in reverse to even hold it, and then a lot of pedal to get it to back off enough to get the steering straightened. I figure another 12-18" in that direction and I would have easily flopped.

Given your front end condition, if you were on the same line, no surprise. I think I probably bent my sector shaft trying to straighten it back out as my steering wheel is cocked a bit despite tracking perfectly straight. Good thing I have that core steering box, rebuild kit, and 105 series sector shaft ready to go
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