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I have/have had a total of 12 Optimas now. First two were actually Gates (which was Optima before they changed the name. Both red top Gates are still in use going strong (15 years old!) Two red top Op's went with my '95 1 ton Chev diesel that I traded in for my 2002 (also a snow plow truck....btw Op's kick ass for snowplows as they are not affected by cold temp voltage drops!) One red went with my '63 K-10. My first Yellow went with my '75 F-250 High Boy. 1 red is still going strong in Kippers 62. Wild Rice has 2 yellow blems. Ricecake has two Yellows. I gave my boulder property manager a yellow blem. Out of those 12 I had 1 red cause problems (it started not holding a load within a month after I got it) and it's full warranty replacement is still going strong. I will never buy a wet lead acid battery again! I also have learned that for heavy use/drain yellows are better than the reds when completely depleted as they take forever to get fully charged whereas the yellows don't seem to have that problem. (I was told by a guy at Optima the differance between reds and yellows is that yellows have current bars conecting the cells at the top and bottom but the reds ony have them on the top) You can get reds at Costco and I have bought the last two yellows at Autozone in Laf-a-lot.

Just my observations....

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After reading many threads about batteries, I thought that I had my mind made up to get an Exide Orbital Extreme 34XCD. I could only find positive reviews about them, a decent write-up on Pirate, and a couple guys on Mud that I respect tech-wise run them, with no issues. I've been turned off by Optimas, mainly because it seems so many folks have issues with them. If you've counted, you'll know that the ratio of "Optimas are the best" posts to "Optimas suck" posts are about 2:1, and encroaching on 50-50.

So I tried to order the Exide from this place, they took my order but never responded. Never charged my card, never shipped, and never returned my phone calls or emails. I guess they're not in business? I then called Exide's local distributer, who said go to any Checker or Wall Mart to buy them.. well, Checker doesn't have the model I want, and their cost is $160 for one that's not even as good.. WallMart has nothing.. so now I'm thinking by the time I special order & pay tax I could have bought an Optima Blue top (most the bad reviews are about yellows, the rest reds).

So last night I was ready to just to go AutoZone and buy the stupid Optima and be done with it.. but now they don't stock them!! They say they're not allowed to transport them because they don't have a Hazmat license. Geez.. so do I go to Costco on Saturday? or should I hold out for something better?
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