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Thread revival......

I've got a gauge/sender issue that pops up occassionally on a SAAB and a scan tool should help isolate the problem. I've read about Scanguage and Ultragauge but do either of them offer a datalogging feature? I don't really need the log but it'd be another cool feature.

Here is a logger that I like but there is no built in display so the PC needs to be active to get any real time info.

It's the last two graphs on this page that have me interested:

Ideally, I'd like a blend of the two devices: display and logging - anything available that does that?

My SAAB issue is a fuel gauge that sometimes reads low. It could be the sender in the tank, or a problem in the dash gauge according to the forums. Both are expensive to fix but if I can rule out the sender, it'd save some $. I also have a misbehaving temp indicator - again, could be the sender or the gauge. An alternate gauge should either confirm or dispute what the dash reads.

How do the fuel consumption displays work on the Scangauge and Ultragauge? They use a full tank value and a fuel use rate rather than reading the fuel level sender, right? The coolant temp value is read from the temp sender though - right?
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