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I don't think we've ever had cable TV or dish. We've only used the yagi antenna in the attic. It is a big sucker. Barely fits up there. Biggest one I could find at radio shack 10 years ago.

When I moved in, I saw the HOA prohibited outdoor antennae. The HOA is long dead now and take a look. You see parabolic antennae mounted externally on almost every house!

If the HOA gives you static (hi-hi) about your eternally mounted yagi tell them you want all the external parabolic antennae removed from everyone's house too.

"Digital" antenna. Hmm; Reminds me of when they were labeling plain old computer speakers, "MP3 ready."

We don't watch much TV. We certainly watch more HULU, Discovery Channel, and History Channel online than OTA broadcast TV. Frankly, OTA sucks pretty hard. It is about evenly split between Spanish language, evangelical, and English language channels. All channels are riddled with commercials too. When we stay at a hotel, I notice that there is the same "nothing on the TV" crap on cable as OTA, just a lot more of it.

I don't have a list of channels we get OTA out in Aurora, but it is more than the 3 fuzzy channels we had growing up in Michigan. *shakes his old man fist* OK, now I have to go outside and tell some whippersnappers to get off my lawn.
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