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Lessons learned....
-Don't pack bottles of beer on their sides in your fridge, or you will have 14 beers empty when you arrive. If I was an 80, probably fine, but a 40 with 2" of travel, no.
-Feed Perry often
-Trail braking at 50mph in a curve is a bad idea in a shortie on hard pack roads. Extra pleats in my seat now.
-I don't need extra fuel for this trip so don't pack 2 fuel cans.
-Blue Rhino is not the same as a blue flame.
-Bring a pair of chains for at least one truck in the group....not really necessary but conditions just a touch different and we could have used them.
-Just carrying a spot receiver is not the same as pushing the BUTTON.
-there is hot chili, then there is HOT chili. Shazzam. My face wasn't the only thing burning.
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