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The IC-7000 has been on the short list as well and was recommended to me.
The mounting location on the 80 will be passenger back where the third seat bracket is.
I have 1/0 cable from the second battery terminate there and it powers my electronics. It is also easy to get the antenna wire into that location.

The radio will have to have a face plate that I will bring to the front same as my FTM-350 setup.

I am aware that the 480 DSP is on the AF and I know it should be on the IF. The 480 has two TI 16 bit so it can do a 32bit floating point but i recongnize that it is not current as a true 32bit FP.

I am cool with waiting for an amazing deal on CL...
I have noticed that many hams have many radios, I prefer to buy one and be content with it.
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