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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Good points as usual. The Kenwood interface is less menu driven and supposetly will be easier to use on the road. But I checked the IC-7000 again it I have to say it looks impressive. Keeping with the spirit of this thread, I suppose if any of the two will come up on CL in as new condition I will have to be ready with the $$$.
I think you understand my points. I've seen a lot of guys put the cart before the horse. I'm as guilty as anyone, I really like the technical aspect of the hobby. But keep your expectations reasonable because with HF you will be spending more time tinkering and tweaking and I don't want to see you regret spending $1,000 on a radio that ends up being little more than a fancy 2m mobile, you already have a very nice one of those. Mobile operation is for me a lot less of an issue because I just don't do it that much. So menus don't both me and I got the fancy DTMF mic for my radio that has all the important functions at my fingertips anyway. I think of my radio as more of a truck-portable HF rig than as a mobile rig, so to speak (it is my 2m FM for driving since I only have the one radio in the truck).
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