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Default FJ60 8900/8800 location?? pics??

So...since I got that fancy radio, I guess I should install it. I already have a CB in the cubby beneath the radio, so that spot is taken. Any other ideas? Pics?

here are my ideas in order of preference.
1. bolted to the front of the tuffy (where i have the 2800 mounted now)
2. under the dash below the HVAC controls (left of the shifter)
3. >??????<

I like the Tuffy spot:
- because it's easy to reach the buttons without reaching.
- speaker is right there

Don't like the tuffy spot:
- because it's a tight fit - could hit my elbow, could spill coffee, etc

I like the under the dash:
- because it could be easier to see/monitor.
- somewhat hidden.

I don't like the under the dash:
- because it's kind of reach to change things. (oooo....mic controls, forgot that)

What say you guys with FJ60s?? I could be off base on my likes/dislikes.
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