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I'd vote to leave the faceplate attached and put the whole thing on the Tuffy where the 2800 is now. The knobs are really sensitive, and it's nice to be able to rest your wrist on something prior to turning one, you have a lot more control particularly when the truck is moving. This is the main reason I'm in the "hate it" camp of the up by the rear view mirror spot.. I just can't hold my hand that still with my arm extended.

I recently moved my faceplate in the 100 from under the ashtray to behind the t-case shifter for this reason.. while driving my hand kept bouncing around and I'd miss the squelch and hit volume, or crank it when I only wanted to turn it up a little, etc. Much better now that I can put my hand on the shifter and make fine adjustments with just my fingers. And this is an IFS rig, which is 2 better on the smoothness scale from leafs right?

Then for that odd time you want to store it securely, just unscrew the whole thing and toss it inside the Tuffy, wouldn't take that much longer than disconnecting the remote mounted faceplate since all your wiring is quick disconnect.
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