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You wanta da pics. You gotta da pics. . . . . Let me also take a moment to thank Chris for mentioning this run to me and thank everyone else for allowing me to come along. It was pretty epic and, though the drive was long for me, I'd definitely be interested in future expedition-style trips. Also, if anyone wants copies of my pics PM me and I'll send you a disc.

None of these pics were processed in any way. Right outta the camera.

Group shot on the way down from Green River.

On the way down one of the Flint Trail switchbacks that didn't have snow.

A couple more switchback pics showing the snow covering we encountered. While most parts weren't too bad there were a few steeper areas where all you could was proceed as slow as possible, try not to lock up the wheels, and slide down for 20-30-40 feet. Kinda like a log flume. Good stuff.

Couple of FJs in the "red zone" as I call it. There were many different types of landscapes encountered on these trails.

Our campsite for the first two nights was Doll House #2. The rest of the guys were in Doll House #1.

Our pooper setup which Chris picked out. Great choice. It was cold and shaded in camp in the mornings but then you walked out here and and the sun hit you hard. You could drop trou and do your thing without even getting goosebumps on your cheeks.

The view from the turd-bagger was pretty awesome too. Gotta be one of the best pooper-views in the world. POV shot.

More to come.
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